Current Location:
Building D (MAK) -> 2nd Floor - Building D (MAK)
Location Notes:
MAK; 2nd fl., D Wing, Near Restrooms and Stairwell


Jon McDonald
GVSU Collection
Oil on Canvas
Painting of large pillar looking out over mall or square.
Historical Context:
In high school, local artist Jon McDonald had discovered his skills as an artist, but never thought of it as a career that might be available for him. But one day, as a senior in high school, McDonald went to an art fair in Grand Haven’s Central park. There he saw artist Jon Lockard, a man that looked like him, doing portraits with oil pastels. “It was the first time I saw a black man not have to do labor to make money,” McDonald recalls of that memory. From that day on, he worked to make art his career, attending local Kendall College of Art and Design, and eventually the San Francisco Art institute. While much of his artwork tackles concepts such as racism, Black history and the environment, he often returns to painting cityscapes to keep his technical skills sharp.

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Moscow Canal (Russia)