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The Mouse Trap

Andy Twietmeyer
GVSU Collection
Oil on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 60 in Width: 50 in
Image of two somewhat adolescent men examining something while one holds out a dead mouse in a mouse trap.
Historical Context:
This painting depicts a moment of inspiration in my roommate's struggle to rid our residence of mice. Having had some success baiting our trap with a piece of tortilla chip secured in a blob of peanut butter, we were dismayed to find on repeated mornings that the mice had somehow learned to remove the chip and all of the peanut butter without springing the trap. In the painting, my roommate and I are setting out to solve this problem by using a needle and thread to secure the chip to the trap. I chose to depict the moment chiefly because I found it made an inexplicably attractive composition while apparently showing a humorous stark and pleasing absence of an edifying intellectual substance. The image is not meant to shock, taunt or offend but perhaps it does present a sense of tension between the human capacities for creativity and destruction under the most mundane of circumstances.

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oil paint
oil painting
oil paintings
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Painting, American