Current Location:
Student Services Building -> 1st Floor (STU)
Location Notes:
STU; 1st fl., West Atrium

An Invitation to the Voyage

Elona Van Gent
GVSU Collection
Cast Aluminum and Hammered Copper Sheets
Artworks - Height: 18 ft Width: 15 ft Depth: 12 ft
Metal sculpture of familiar instrument shapes fused together to make a new object suspended from the ceiling.
Historical Context:
"This work involves [my] interest in 19th century scientific instruments and their attendant forms. With the megaphone and music box shapes, the work makes obvious reference to the early investigations into sound recording. The upper forms refer to the fact of satellite communication has reduced time and distance between individuals. The plain shade of the cast aluminum surface for contrast is set against the hammered copper surface with its rich variated coloration. An artist wants imagination to be a voyage. Thus each [artist] owes us an invitation to the voyage. With this invitation we register, in our inner being, a gentle impulsion which shakes us, which sets in motion beneficent reverie, truly dynamic reverie. If the initial image is well chosen, it is an impulsion to a well-defined dream, to an imaginary life that will have real laws of successive images, really vital meaning." -Elona Van Gent