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Juego de Loterí­a (Game of Lottery)
Current Location:
Zumberge Administration (JHZ) -> 2nd Floor (JHZ)
Location Notes:
JHZ; 2nd Floor; Suite 2015; Right of Rm. 2064

Juego de Loterí­a (Lottery)

Giclée (Original is in the GVSU Permanent Collection)
circa 1900
Artworks - Height: 11 in Width: 16 in
5 x 6 grid of squares with small pictures in them.
Historical Context:
Posada is a Mexican engraver and lithographer best known for his works associated with Día de Muertos, the "Day of the Dead." While working as an apprentice to the printmaker José Trinidad Pedroza, Posada began experimenting with political satire cartoons. Pasada's cartoons were printed local publication, and their controversial depiction of political matters that captivated his Mexican audience led to government involvement in shutting down the publication. His style is trademarked by "calaveras," or artistic representations of skulls. It wasn't until after his death that these calaveras became associated with Día de Muertos, but the tradition stems from Posada's lithographs.