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HON; Academic, 1st fl., Corridor to MPR

The Art of India ➔ Indian Musician Playing Tabla

Artist Unknown
GVSU Collection
Hand-Carved Wood
Artworks - Height: 36 in Width: 14.5 in Depth: 15 in
Indian woman playing bongo-like instrument- traditional green dress
Historical Context:
A tabla are a set of two drums, which are played as accompaniment to Indian music and dance. The musician uses the base of the palm as well as the fingers to produce great variations in sounds. The right hand is tuned to the tonic dominant or sub-dominant and the left-hand drum acts as the base. The black spots on each of the playing surfaces serve to create the bell-like timbre that is characteristic of the instrument. Indian classical music is intimately associated with temple rituals. Devdasis (women dedicated to the temples) were the developers and the keepers of Indian classical music who performed in temples during religious celebrations. They could read and write; they knew poetry; they taught yoga to the community, and unlike other women, they could buy and sell property.