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The Art of India ➔ Krishna, the Divine Child

Shyamu Ramdev
GVSU Collection
Paint on Silk
Artworks;Artworks - Height: 8 in;20" Width: 6 in;16"
Note: Matte
Male figure holding a scale between a woman and a small blue man.
Historical Context:
Krishna is one of the most beloved gods in Hinduism, and the foremost reason is his playful and mischievous antics as a child (Bal Leela). Naughty Krishna played pranks against everyone. He was known as the makhan chor, or the butter thief. His charm however, was such that he stole everybody’s heart too. Just as easily he stole butter from the unsuspecting gopis (milkmaids) and broke their urns, he also killed demons, tamed a poisonous serpent, and lifted a mountain to save the village from a flood. This artwork is done in the Jaipur painting tradition. A few general Jaipur painting characteristics are: extensive use of white, red, and yellow in combination with the use of silver and gold; deep red margins; ornate backgrounds; bright borders. Female figures typically have large eyes, long hair, stout physique, and pleasant mood.