Current Location:
Hanging Fence Storage -> Section #2
Location Notes:
IDC; Hanging Fence Storage #2

Break Into Light

Ricardo Rafael Tavárez
GVSU Collection
Watercolor on paper
Artworks - Height: 12" Width: 18"
Historical Context:
Ricardo Rafael Tavárez is an artist, writer and speaker local to Grand Rapids, MI. He is an Afro-Latino of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage, and proudly part of the Queer community. To his audience, he delivers a unique intersection of writing, visual art, and public speaking that reflect on race, gender, queerness, social justice, faith and doubt. On this piece Tavárez states, "When Black representation is included in the arts, it is often required to fit into a certain paradigm that feels “safe” to the majority culture. Break Into Light intends to reflect the tension of Black artists and storytellers living into the fullness of their creative expression in spaces that have yet to make them feel welcome."