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The Art of India ➔ Krishna, the Divine Teacher: Discourse of Bhagvad Gita (Indian)

Artist Unknown
GVSU Collection
Vegetable Dye on Paper
Artworks - Height: 22 in Width: 30 in
Four horses pulling two figures on a chariot, one holding a flag that has a smaller figure upon it and the other is holding out a arrow bow. blue swirls in the background. a highly decorative designed piece.
Historical Context:
In the kingdom of Kurukshetra, a succession struggle within the Bharat ruling family resulted in an epic war (3137 BC). Before the start of the war, Arjun (one of the Pandav brothers) told Krishna to take his chariot in the middle of the two armies. When Arjun saw his relatives, teachers and friends on the opposing side, he decided not to fight. Krishna advised Arjun on his duties by discussing the essence of the Vedas and Upanishads ("books of knowledge"). Later, Sage Vyas compiled this discourse as Bhagvad Gita, or "Song of the Exalted One," for the benefit of humanity at large. The discourse offers a philosophical basis to guide everyday living and distills the loftiest truths of India's traditional wisdom into simple, memorable poetry that informs the affairs of everyday life.