I Hate the Wind so Much

Kae Pershon
GVSU Collection
Digital Photograph
Artworks - Height: 16" Width: 24"
A digital color photograph of a sunrise over a waterfront. The sun is rising in a cloudy sky creating pink and blue colors. The very bottom of the picture has a small amount of beach.
Historical Context:
"Time blindness is the inability to feel the passage of time and internally manage it for the future. Our internal clocks are seemingly broken, always moving too fast or too slow. It makes being “in the moment” and, more importantly, aware of the moment nearly impossible... This is where I found myself while in Copper Harbor, MI on a quiet July morning. In typical ADHD fashion, I was existing in the present, instead of conscious of it, when I impulsively decided to take long-exposure photos of the sunrise... I cannot say this experience gave me some miraculous moment of clarity that suddenly cured me of my time blindness. What it did allow was for me to acknowledge it, be okay with it, and understand that while my brain may lack the same internal structures that allow for internal time-keeping, I am in no way broken." - Kae Pershon