That's Enough

Grace Close
GVSU Collection
Etching with Aquatint
Artworks - Height: 20" Width: 16"
Black and white print of a girl wearing a dress with buttons sitting on the floor with her feet on either side of her. She has dark shoes on.
Historical Context:
"Expectations and conformity are a constant leering threat for young girls. Stereotypes plague them as they try to control their emotional responses. While taking account of what is being asked of them; to be complacent or to revolt they choose the latter. Throughout the narrative there is a careful dance between innocence and mischievousness. Forced perspectives and intentional cropping constrict and confront the viewer. The young girls pose with rebellious defiance; wearing shoes in the tub, standing on chairs and couches, stomping on tables and sitting coyly on a car. Moments of implied threat compose unsettling scenes. Imposing darkness reaches the girls, through the use of the rich black tones that aquatints provide. While hinting at the male gaze there is an ambience of violent delights and disobedience and a questions of if it's really worth it to be suitable to the eyes looking down upon you." - Grace Close