Current Location:
Section 48 (VS) -> Top Shelf (VS48)
Location Notes:
IDC; Vertical Storage; Section 48; Top Shelf

Untitled Abstract

Mark Wilkens
Gift of Mark W. Wilkens and Carmen L. Nochera
Mixed Media
Artworks - Height: 12" Width: 14"
An abstract oil painting with multi-colored splotches. There are large swaths of blue, yellow, and white with small bits of red.
Historical Context:
Born in America's heartland, Mark Wilkens' passion for nature and the environment blossomed in the sun-drenched countryside of the Iowan farmlands. Largely self taught, Mark's days were devoted to painting and sketching the vistas of his youth. Upon high school graduation, Mark studied at universities in Iowa, Arizona and South Dakota culminated in a year-long apprenticeship with the renowned Native American artist, Oscar Howe. After, Mark established a studio in Florida. He continued to paint, completing commissions for clients throughout the United States for the next ten years. Longing once again for the Midwest's change of seasons, in 1990 Mark chose Michigan's beautiful shoreline and natural resources upon which to make his new creative home. Artist Statement: "I began painting at the age of five. Encouraged and supported along the way, I continue to grow as an artist. My work is based on what I call 'combinism'. This is the combining of all the tools of the artist. The formal structural tools of color, line and form are used in a way that values the works throughout art history. Presenting the work in a somewhat raw state, reveals to the viewer the evidence or footprints of the creative process. The physical act of applying paint to a surface is as much a part of the piece as any other, including subject matter, color or the overall shape." -Mark Wilkens