Current Location:
Kirkhof Center -> 1st Floor (KC)
Location Notes:
KC; 1st Floor; Suite 1240; Right of Entrance


Henry A. Brown
GVSU Collection
Cut Paper Collage
Artworks - Height: 36" Width: 27"
A colorful collage of images. At the bottom of the collage, there are some flowers growing out of a skull. Above that, there is a young boy kneeling, he is dressed up as spiderman. Above him, there is a horse and a tree with no leaves.
Historical Context:
This work was created by local Grand Rapids artist Henry A. Brown. It is response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, but specifically the pandemic’s effect in Grand Rapids. All images in the collage were cut from source materials gathered from local second-hand stores and used book sales. On his work Brown reflects, “My purpose is raising awareness of important social issues such as; institutional racism, danger to the environment, history of societal oppression toward descendants of slavery, and the impact of corporate greed. This is accomplished through the medium of collage art. Old books and magazine are recycled in the creation of the art. Fish, time and money are represented in each work of art. All we think about is time and money. Without fish (water), what good is time and money?”

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Terms:
cut-paper work
works on paper