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IDC; Vertical Storage; Section 50; Bottom Shelf

Formatting Gaia: Patience with the Antichamber

Patrick Millard

Photographic Print
Artworks - Height: 40.5" Width: 39.75"
A photograph of a person's head coming out of muddy water. The person has a twisted wire coming out of their mouth.
Historical Context:
"The cycle between human beings and the natural world has been transformed into a new formation that inspires intricate modes of transmitting and receiving information. Through the development of modern technologies human beings have begun to unfold the possibilities of telematic and cybernetic systems of communication. Earth is no longer a simple exchange of biological entities, but a more complex system that employs digital signals to mediate our existence within it. Human beings, technology, and nature are now al part of a conguous system of existence that is becoming more and more visible in our landscape. Formatting Gaia depicts this world, where there is a physical connection between the three and all works in unison with one another. These images explore an alternate version of the human existence than what we have known it to be in our short history. As opposed to being what we at times feel to be independent of nature and technology, the images show a stark vision of the necessity we have for them, as well as how we have used technology to steer our own genetic makeup. Investigations into this world leave one with a visual depiction of the possibilities that we've already begun to travel towards along our evolutionary path." - Patrick Millard