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Shelf B8 (CS3) -> Box 391
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IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit #3; Section B; Shelf B8; Box 391

Untitled (Euclid Beach Portrait)

Real Photo Postcard
Artworks - Height: 4" Width: 6"
Real photo black and white postcard with a portrait on the front. In the portrait there are three women and two children. The group is standing behind a studio prop that depicts a mule pulling a wooden cart with a pennant that reads 'Euclid Beach.' The woman standing on the far right has her face obscured, likely from the age of the postcard. Back of postcard has the message 'Dad as things look now you had better take all hours off and do what I thought, then we will have it. say you are leaving town. I would not wait a minute if I were you. [?u] haste Agnes.' It is addressed to 'Mr. [Gin?] E [?ydd] 1627 [Atlaulee] [A?] Brooklyn N.Y.' There is a 2-cents George Washington stamp in the upper right corner. There is a postage mark dated Aug 2 1914 from Cleveland.
Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Terms:
photographic postcards