Current Location:
Section 40 (VS) -> Bottom Shelf (VS40)
Location Notes:
IDC; Vertical Storage; Section 40; Bottom Shelf


Patty Carroll
Gift of the Artist
Digital Archival Print
Artworks - Height: 35.5" Width: 38"
A digital print of a figure draped in a floral print fabric. The figure has their arms bent at their elbows. They are standing on a differently patterned floral print floor and in front of two differently floral patterned curtains.
Historical Context:
This photograph is part of Patty Carroll's series of images titled “Anonymous Women: Draped.” On her work Carroll states, "[the series] is about becoming the dwelling itself: experiencing the dichotomy of domesticity. The home is a place of comfort but can also be camouflage for individual identity when idealized decor becomes an obsession, or indication of position or status. “Staying home” is a state that some women also aspire to as a place of power, while others abhor because of its prison-like atmosphere. In all cases, women need “A room of their own.” This series has references to draped statues from the Renaissance, nuns in habits, women wearing the burka, the Virgin Mary, priests’ and judges’ robes, ancient Greek and Roman dress, among others. The series is also a small tribute to Scarlett O’Hara, who, undaunted by wars, pulled down her drapery to fashion a beautiful gown, and would do anything to keep her home, Tara. Hopefully, I am bringing humor to pathos.