Current Location:
Section 55 (VS) -> Bottom Shelf (VS55)
Location Notes:
IDC; Vertical Storage; Section 55; Bottom Shelf


Patty Carroll
Gift of the Artist
Digital Archival Print
Artworks - Height: 38" Width: 38"
A digital print of a mannequin with a yellow purse for a head. The purse has a pair of red sunglasses on it. The mannequin is wearing a green suit with yellow gloves, green socks, and dark green heels. There is a green chest of drawers to the right of the mannequin and it is slightly open with different colored high heels coming out of it. There are purses and hats hanging on the pink and green floral background.
Historical Context:
This photograph is part of Patty Carroll's series of images titled “Anonymous Women: Reconstructed.” In each image of the series, a woman becomes part of her excessive domestic trappings and activities. “Reconstructed” is commentary on obsession with collecting, designing, and decorating, inviting hilarity and pathos in our relationship with “things.” The photographs are life-size installations made in the studio using household objects as subject matter. A mannequin substitutes for the woman, where camouflage and anonymity reaches its logical conclusion of extreme absurdity, as she perpetually disappears into the artifice and visual overload of colors and patterns in her environment. Finding the anonymous woman in the chaos becomes an interactive scavenger hunt.