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Shelf A7 (CS2) -> Box 444
Location Notes:
IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit 2; Section A; Shelf A7; Box 444

Untitled (Portrait with Nine Women and a Child)

Artist Unknown
Gift of Charles Schoenknecht and Ward Paul
Real Photo Postcard
circa 1920
Artworks - Height: 4" Width: 6"
Real photo black and white postcard with the portrait of nine women and a child on the front. The group is outside sitting and kneeling in front of a tree, with a building in the distant background to the left of the image and other trees lining the rest of the background. The group is arranged in two rows. The back row is kneeling closest to the tree. The three women from the left towards the center are wearing light-colored blouses, their skirts cannot be seen. The two women on the right in the back row are wearing dark-colored blouses, and the far-right has a dark-colored skirt. All of their hair is pinned up and back. The front row has four women. The far-left and inner right women are wearing light-colored blouses and dark-colored skirts and their hair is pinned up and back. The far-right and inner left women are wearing dark-colored blouses and skirts, their hair is pinned up and back, under light-colored bonnets. The child is sitting in front of the woman on the inner right front row. He is wearing a dark-colored cap and a dark-colored sailor suit. Back of postcard has no message or stamp.
Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Terms:
photographic postcards