Vlisco "Java" Fabric

Artist Unknown
Gift of Barbara Paxon
Printed Cotton Fabric
circa 1965
Artworks - Height: 43.5" Width: 66.5"
Fabric has a speckled green, yellow and red background with stripes along the long edges. Center has red star shapes. This fabric was purchased in Sierra LEone by the donor.
Historical Context:
Vlisco started in 1846 with a handful of Dutch illustrators who created interpretations of Batik prints to homage the ancient Indonesian design, then known as the Dutch East Indies. The goal was to capitalize on a new roller printing technology that gave the look of batik dyed fabric, without the labor intensive process. Eventually the fabrics became a popular item in different parts of the Dutch colonial ecosystem, especially Ghana, then called the Gold Coast. The Java style of Vlisco fabrics is renowned for its intricate details and spirited floral illustrations. It is created by applying high pressure on engraved and punctured screens and rollers, the ink and dye are rigorously pressed on to the fabrics, enabling the smallest details to be printed.