Current Location:
Bike Factory -> 2nd Floor (BIK)
Location Notes:
BIK; 2nd Floor; Across from Room 235

Survival Guide

Kendra Postma
GVSU Collection
Mixed Media
Artworks - Height: 15" Width: 12"
Mixed media collage of a landscape or seascape scene. Watercolor like water and sky in the background. Central image includes a page from a book, sheet music and a portion of a map along with images of mushroom and coral coming from a bathtub. A number of animals are also in the image including a deer-headed human, butterfly, shells and fish.
Historical Context:
Kendra Postma is a local Michigan multimedia, collage and ceramic artist. Inspirations for her art often comes from the sense of peace that can only come from a walk-through nature, especially the shorelines of Lake Michigan. On this work, Postma reflects, "I created "Survival Guide" in the middle of covid last year. I felt like everyone needed some kind of guidance through this tough and trying time. After sifting through my bins of papers, pieces of images and old paintings it came together. My collages pretty much always start with a watercolor painting underneath and I go from there. I like my artwork to tell a story and hope the viewer can grasp what I am trying to say and walk away with a chuckle and a good feeling."

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Terms:
cut-paper work
works on paper