beyond here lie monsters

Pamela Benjamin
Gift of the Artist
Mixed Media
Artworks - Height: 25.5" Width: 54" Depth: 1"
Recycled window art using glass, bead, buttons, found objects. The frame of the window is painted grey, title written on the frame top left corner. Each of the four panels of the windows has a different pattern and color scheme. First panel from the left has large brown glass shards with small yellow buttons. Second panels has blue and white shards of glass with buttons, beads and other small pieces of glass. Third panel has dark shards of glass surrounding a white spiral made from buttons and other small pieces. Final panel has large shards of glass with smaller beads spilling onto the frame.
Historical Context:
Originally from New Zealand living in Grand Rapids, Pamela Benjamin began working with glass and window art in 2006. Benjamin uses shards of colored or stained glass, buttons, beads, bits of jewelry and other found objects to create images and texture on antique or reclaimed windows. Her designs are meant to evoke movement and happiness through themes like deep space, the night sky, or folk art inspired themes with trees and barns. On this work, featured during the 2011 ArtPrize, Benjamin states, "In keeping with my theme of across the universe this work will be a look at what we know exists within the boundaries of the known universe. The title comes from ancient times when mapmakers wrote on the edge of the known oceans “beyond here lie monsters” to describe the unnerving danger of the unknown. As we have no idea what lies beyond the edge of our universe, we can only suspect that - beyond here lie monsters.