Current Location:
L. William Seidman Center -> 1st Floor (WSC)
Location Notes:
WSC; Front sculpture yard, between parking lot and front entry into the building

The Boom and the Bust

Olalekan Jeyifous
Gift of ArtPrize
Steel and Wood
Artworks - Height: 25' Width: 8'
Tall outdoor sculpture. Top of the sculpture has a high-rise building looks with square shapes that look like windows. The middle section looks like shelving with smaller red wooden houses on the shelves. The bottom base is steel again, more square and solid than the top. Sculpture sits on four square feet.
Historical Context:
Olalekan Jeyifous is a Nigerian born, Brooklyn-based artist and architect. His work in public art, installation, drawing, collage and design explores the past and potential futures of urban environments. The sculpture was originally installed at the corner of Louis Street and Monroe Avenue in Grand Rapids for Project 1 by ArtPrize in 2019. It references the historic and contemporary challenges of housing discrimination and the inequities of urban life. Combining imagery of skyscrapers and single-family houses, Jeyifous juxtaposes the massive downtown Grand Rapids developments that are happening right alongside foreclosures and displacement. On his work Jeyifous reflects, "The sculpture is looking at the discrepancy in urban development, the idea that while there's an enormous amount of development occurring in the downtown area, there's certain marginalized groups - Blacks and Hispanics in particular- that don't have the same access to it... It's segmented, of bifurcated, and in the center it's abruptly disrupted by a steel grid with a bunch of much smaller scale models of homes. This speaks to how housing is being bought out by a lot of out-of-state investors that are driving up prices, making it difficult for a certain segment of the population to gain access to housing."