Location Notes:

The Circle of the Sea

Sheryl Budnik
GVSU Collection
Oil on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 24" Width: 20"
Vertical oil on canvas abstract painting with heavy paint and large, visible brushstrokes. Painting looks like water with variou shades of blue, white, green, grey and orange. White outline of a circle bottom right corner.
Historical Context:
Since childhood, local Grand Rapids artist Sheryl Budnik has self-identified as an artist. She is known in the community for her colorful, abstract landscapes and seascapes that seem to radiate light and life itself; images from treacherous rolling waves, to calm serene sunsets. In November 2019, Budnik suffered a rare spinal stroke that left her immobile from the waist down, relying on a wheelchair and aides for mobility. Resilient and determined, she did not give up on her passion for painting, and has adapted her process to be able to paint from her wheelchair. Regarding this shift in her career Budnik states, “My paintings finish a bit slower but they are hopeful- and they are glad they are created, with my hand moving the oil paint, and they are ‘one of a kind’ in the Universe.”