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Bike Factory -> 2nd Floor (BIK)
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BIK; 2nd Floor; Lobby near front desk


Vera Klement
Gift of the artist
Oil on canvas
Artworks - Height: 82" Width: 82"
Note: This is the total height for the piece including both canvases. Individual canvases are as follows: Top: 64"h x 82"w Bottom: 18"h x 72"w
Historical Context:
Through her artwork, Vera Klement shows us a powerful, personal vision from a career spanning over six decades. Klement's work reflects an amalgamation of her many influences; from classical music, to literature, to modern art and filtered through her formative experience of fleeing the Nazis with her family just before World War II, and a lifetime examining that loss of home and identity. Later in her life Klement moved to Chicago where she became active in the feminist movement, taught for 25 years at the University of Chicago, and developed her work into the powerful metaphoric and poetic images that she has become known for. While painting with broad, powerful brush strokes, Klement also focuses on white space in her paintings, illuminating the objects on the canvas. Here, Klement uses two canvases and two different applications of paint, juxtaposing life and death with a slight gap between the two canvases. The lower canvas appears dull and absent, overpowered by the explosion of paint and color on canvas above it. In this work, life overcomes the vacancy of death.

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oil painting
oil paintings
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