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Hanging Fence Storage -> Section #2
Location Notes:
IDC; Hanging Fence STorage; Section #2

A Poisonous Discovery

Gavin Weir
GVSU Collection
Oil on canvas
Artworks - Height: 60" Width: 90"
Large painting on canvas of two young children, wrapped in plaid blanket sitting on a mound made by an old tree stump. Surrounding them are misty trees with deer and other forest creatures.
Historical Context:
"This recent body of work is a series of slow repeating dramas that uses symbolism and pattern to create a loose sense of narrative. The work uses symbolism to confront idea of good and evil, ambiguity, and duality. I often present the relationship between good and evil, animate and inanimate, and knowing and unknowing as a means of creating a world that is both beautiful and horrible. I am interested in creating broken-down fictional worlds that comment on the shared experiences of all life. In my paintings, drawings, and sculptures I present dramatic scenes that address natural relationships and impending doom. The goal of my work, regardless of medium, is to create an experience for the viewer that stays with them beyond the gallery, leaving them with both revelations and questions about our relationship with each other and the natural world as well as the existential threats we face." - Gavin Weir