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Woodland Song

Jason S. Wesaw
GVSU Collection
Oil pastel and gold leafing on incised paper with cardinal feather
Artworks - Height: 24" Width: 20"
Incised print with of a rectangle, gold on the top, red on the bottom with the opposite colored triangles in each half. Cardinal feather hangs from the center of the top section.
Historical Context:
Jason S. Wesaw is a product of two cultures. His father is Potawatomi and his mother is European. But he is drawn to the Potawatomi culture in many ways and has begun working as a cultural associate for the Potawatomi Band. His native heritage has become a strong part of his life and his artistic inspiration. On this inspiration Wesaw reflects, “My Grandpa is one of my greatest mentors and inspirations. He’s a maker too, and we’re always sharing ideas about how to do something better and faster, allowing the work to inform us and evolve. The most important tradition or practice that I hold close is the idea that we keep good feelings in our heart and mind while we’re working. Even if the inspiration or making the work itself is challenging, the creative spirit is one that we should always appreciate as a gift from the Creator.”

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