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Thank You

Harmony Willow Studio
GVSU Collection
Artworks -
Colorful poster of cartoon doctors and nurses in various colored scrubs all doing yoga poses around the words "Thank you" at the center. Small blue gloves and masks float around them.
Historical Context:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, New York had the most known infections of any US state by a large margin. During the epidemic, Elizabeth Jaeger, a Brooklyn-based artist, and Cady Chaplin, a nurse at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital reached out to more than 85 artists to create posters of gratitude and encouragement to appear in intensive care units in New York Hospitals. The posters range from simple doodles, to watercolor images and elaborate graphic designs; each one brings a sense of support and appreciation. Regarding the project Chaplin states, "Nurses have been saying that it's really nice to be able to take a moment and look at something beautiful...Some have said that it's calming and others have said that the colors really cheer them up." After seeing the enthusiastic response, Jaeger set up a public Google Drive, making all of the posters freely available to anyone. Since then, other hospitals around the country have used them in their own facilities. This poster was designed by Harmony Hansen, the New York based fine arts-artist and illustrator, creator of Harmony Willow Studio. This poster was designed by Harmony Hansen, the New York based artist and illustrator behind Harmony Willow Studio.