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Almost Autumn

Lona Zahran
Gift of the Artist
Oil paint and mixed media on canvas
Artworks - Height: 36" Width: 36"
Colorful landscape with multi-colored tree like shapes. Background has a fingerprint like quality.
Historical Context:
Like so many artists, Lona Zahran is most inspired to paint the natural beauty of Michigan that surrounds her. While immersed in nature Zahran, mentally captures images, bringing them back to her studio, and isn’t as concerned about trying to reproduce realistic images. Rather, is interested in producing the feeling of the moment she experienced while in nature. The smells, light, and other small details she noticed around her are all reflected in her images through the use of color, line, brush stroke, and most of all- the composition. On her practice Zahran states, “Composition is very important to me, and I don't necessarily follow any rule expect that it "feels right." I sometimes can't sleep if the composition isn't right to me on my canvas. I will get up and head to my studio and correct if until if feels right. The end result I want is for people to sit in front of my painting and escape from a long, maybe hard day to a place of peace and beauty. My hope is that people will walk away feeling better than when they arrived at the painting.”