Current Location:
Shelf A6 (CS2) -> Box 393
Location Notes:
IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit #2; Section A; Shelf A6; Box 393

Untitled Polaroid

Stewart Ashlee
Gift of Laura Rose Ashlee and Dean L. Anderson
Polaroid Photograph
Artworks - Height: 4.25" Width: 3.5"
A black and white polaroid photograph of a woman wearing a light colored night gown and robe looking down towards the rightmost corner lovingly at a girl who is lying down with blankets over her legs. In the upper left hand corner, there is a dark outline of a rounded square shape as if the camera had also taken a photo of the inside of the camera's viewfinder. Behind them directly in the middle is a lamp sitting on a long dark colored dresser or storage cabinet that is off. On the cabinet to the right of the lamp there is also a bouquet of flowers. On either sides of the lamp there are two tall windows with ten sections visible on the left and 12 sections visible on the right. Closer to the girl there is another light colored lamp that is on sitting on the edge of the night table that has a light colored cloth over it.
Historical Context:
This Polaroid is from a series of photographs taken by the artist to use as models for his paintings. The models in the images include friends, family and the artist himself.