Studying Drips


Adam Tetzlaff
Acrylic on Canvas
circa 2005

Black and white image. Man and two women, next to a wall with inkblots on it compose the left side of the piece. A landscape can be seen on the right side.
Historical Context:
Adam Tetzlaff received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Grand Valley State University in 1997. He has shown work in many local shows and competitions, including the Muskegon Museum of Art, the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts and also the Grand Rapids Art Museum Sales Gallery. On his work, he states: "When I am working on a piece, I try not to think about what ideas I am trying to communicate. I let the ideas gradually seep out during the working process. Only when I am finished do I begin to discover what I have done through my subconscious. This time of reflection is like the prize at the end of a long treasure hunt."
GVSU Collection
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Art, Classical
Current Location:
GVSU ➜ Allendale Campus ➜ Glenn A. Niemeyer Honors Hall ➜ 1st Floor (HON)
Location Notes:
HON; Academic, 1st fl., Multi-purpose Room