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Shelf A8 (CS2) -> Box 399
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IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit #2; Section A; Shelf A8; Box 399

Karen "Living with the Enemy- He fights all the time but never this bad!" Minneapolis

Donna Ferrato
Gift of Scott Beaver
Archival Pigment Print
Artworks - Height: 24" Width: 30"
A black and white horizontal photograph of a man being arrested. On the left side of the photograph, there is a man being taken away in handcuffs by a male police officer. On the right side of the photograph, there is a woman sitting at a table and crying and to her right, there is a small girl also sitting at the table.
Historical Context:
Donna Ferrato is an internationally recognized photojournalist best known for her documentation of the hidden world of domestic violence. Her first book, “Living With the Enemy,” documents her time in New York City in 1970 documenting the heady nightclub culture at legendary establishments such as Studio 54 and Xenon. There she met and began documenting the life of prominent swinger couple known as Garth and Lisa. One night she witnessed Garth beating Lisa, a night that would forever change the path of Ferrato’s life and career. For the next decade, she rode in police cars, slept in shelters and stayed at the homes of battered women, traveling the country photographing domestic violence. In 2014, Ferrato launched the “I am Unbeatable”. Using real stories from real people, the campaign exposes, documents, and helps prevent domestic violence against women and children. On her project Ferrato states, “Welcome to the sanctuary for people who wish to help wipe out violence against women and children. This is collection of stories told to me throughout many years come from people who've been through it. My photography has been used like work horses consistently bringing breaking news through global media outlets. They've created an awareness of a social disease since the stone age. It's a problem. These shared stories, video interviews and photographs are proof."