Current Location:
Shelf A8 (CS2) -> Box 394
Location Notes:
IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit 2; Section A; Shelf A8; Box 394

Untitled from Sacred Land

Ralph Gibson
Gift of Marina Kirshenbaum
Archival Pigment Print
Artworks - Height: 17" Width: 22"
Two black and white photos. The photo on the left is of a figure wearing a coat and a scarf. The figure is only visible from the neck down and waist up. The photo on the right is of the top of a man's head. The man is wearing a wide-brimmed hat that covers his eyes. He has a large beard and is wearing a scarf.
Historical Context:
Within his long career, Ralph Gibson has managed to combine his love of books and book-making, with the skills he learned as a Photographers Mate when he joined the United States Army in 1956. In 1969, Gibson moved to New York City to begin his own publishing company, Lustrum Press. Since then, he has published over 40 monographs, a specialized book on a single subject. In his book “Sacred Land,” Gibson takes the viewer on a journey through Israel and the surrounding region. Each two-page spread includes on color image and one black-and-white image facing one another, exploring the idea of ancient and contemporary human experiences. His images highlight Israel as a new country in an ancient land.