Current Location:
Daniel and Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health -> 2nd Floor (DCIH)
Location Notes:
DCIH; 2nd Floor; Inside Room 205 (Library); Inside Room 205J

Unplug: Sunset

Marco Pavano
GVSU Collection
Artworks - Height: 27" Width: 18"
Brightly colored poster with an orange sunset over blue abstract body of water. Three birds above the sun. Text below image "Unplug- Take some time to get out and watch the sunset and see the amazing colors it gives off. Nature brings amazing colors over the water!"
Historical Context:
The "Unplug" series of posters was created by Marco Pavano for his final senior project for his Graphic Design degree at GVSU. The series was created to promote nature as a way for people to mentally unwind from their everyday lives. Regarding his project Marco states, "'Unplug' was inspired by my own personal experience with using nature as a way to destress from my everyday life. Everyone gets caught up in their daily routines, causing stress to build up over time, affecting one's mental health. Nature is proven to positively improve mental health and is accessible to everyone! Sometimes, people take nature for granted and don't appreciate everything that it has to offer.... Mental awareness of your surroundings helps create a distraction and puts your mind in a different place. Training our minds to be aware of our surroundings will help take a break from everyday life and put your mind at ease."