Current Location:
Lake Huron Hall -> 2nd Floor (LHH)
Location Notes:
LHH; 2nd Floor; Across from the Elevator; Near Room 201

Gemma Augustea

GVSU Collection
Painted Stone Replica
Artworks -
Large cameo with white figures in foreground and black background. Two rows of people in ancient roman clothes, horses, spears, throne, etc. "gold" trim around the whole thing.
Historical Context:
This is a reproduction of an ancient Roman low-relief cameo image engraved into a double layered Arabian onyx stone. While one layer is white, the darker, blueish-brown background peaks through the white, highlighting the details. Split into two scenes, the lower scene represents a recently won battle by the Romans as they are erecting a victory trophy and prisoners of war are pulled off the battlefield. The top is a scene that includes Augustus surrounded by a number of both worldly and mythical individuals like Neptune and Gaia.