Anemone Cat


Jennifer Pope
Reduction Woodcut
Artworks - Height: 32 in Depth: 24 in
Black cat with blue eyes, sitting on a purple sofa, blue and gold wallpaper behind it. A floral figure in the foreground.
Historical Context:
Do you have a unique home and wish to own a creature that is just as unique as the possessions in your dwelling? The anemone cat is the perfect solution. This cat has a rich display of brightly colored anemones upon its back. It is always a conversation starter. (The cat part of the Anemone Cat has a lifespan of 10-15 years but the anemone last only for two. When the anemone die, they leave large bloody welts upon the cat's body where they used to be attached. These welts will turn into scabs and eventually fur will grow over them. For a few years, the Anemone Cat will not be a beautiful creature. Don't worry, plenty of people will euthanize their animals at this point and buy a new one with no remorse.)
GVSU Collection
Current Location:
Lake Ontario Hall
Allendale Campus -> 1st Floor (LOH)
-> Art Gallery Support Facility
Location Notes:
Collection Storage; Shelf 30, bottom