Current Location:
Lake Ontario Hall -> 1st Floor (LOH)
Location Notes:
LOH; 1st flr, across from rm 105

Sustainable Dogs

Jennifer Pope
GVSU Collection
Reduction Woodcut
Artworks - Height: 32 in Width: 24 in
Dog with a mouth full of carrots, standing beside a field of dog heads. Tones of yellows and grays.
Historical Context:
"Sustainable Dogs grow crops in their mouths. The food tastes good but it has a tendency to to smell like dog breath. Sustainable Dogs are an economical way to grow crops because one crop lasts 8-12 years (the normal lifespan of a dog). Instructions for use: 1. Buy dogs in the vegetable crop of your choice (carrots are illustrated but you may order cabbage, eggplant, turnips, broccoli, or mushrooms) 2. Plant dogs in perfect rows in the spring 3. Harvest your vegetables through late summer 4. Pull dogs out of the ground and give a little "shake" to remove excess soil 5. Store dogs in a shed during the winter months, the dogs will be hibernating so there is no need to worry about food and water. Keep the animals dry and away from damp places or else they have the tendency to mold." -Jennifer Pope