Current Location:
Lake Ontario Hall -> 3rd Floor (LOH)
Location Notes:
LOH; 3rd floor; Room 324


Jo Anna Kelly
GVSU Collection
Black and White Silver Print
Artworks - Height: 11.5 in Width: 13.5 in
Young African-American girl with curly hair and star shaped earrings. Images show only the upper portion of head.
Historical Context:
"These people are real. They deviate from a version of a reality given to us at a young age. They challenge what we've been told is appropriate to see. But they are real. If the work disturbs you, my hope is that your discomfort will provoke a necessary reaction. If the work makes you uncomfortable, I invite you to stay in that place for a moment and ask yourself why you're uneasy. Where do your ideas come from? Who tells you what is acceptable to see and what should be hidden? If we take off our self-imposed blinders, we can see the world as it is. That which we've been told is beautiful, only exists if we allow our minds to accept a standard that alienates ninety percent of the population. If we can learn to ignore what we've been taught to see as acceptable, we will begin to see our bodies, our relationships, our naturally occurring selves as something other than lacking. Because tru beauty can only be found in reality." -Jo Anna Kelly