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Daniel and Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health -> 3rd Floor (DCIH)
Location Notes:
DCIH; 3rd Floor; Across from Room 350J

Celebrate People's History: Jane Jacobs

Sabrina Jones
GVSU Collection
2 Color Offset Printed Poster
January 2012
Artworks - Height: 17" Width: 11"
A white poster with green and blue text. There is a tree in green and at the top of it there is a neighborhood growing out of the leaves with a woman on a bicycle. On the left side there is a wave of cars being led by a man walking pointedly towards the tree. There is text in the upper left corner that says: "Jane Jacobs 1916-2006 Writer — Activist — Urbanist And her Greenwich Village neighbors stopped proposed expressways and demolitions in lower Manhattan in the 1960s." There is more text in the bottom right side that says: “In the name of “urban renewal”, post-war planners were tearing down old neighborhoods. Jacobs gave voice to the popular resistance. She celebrated cities as living organisms that thrive on density and diversity. No longer could grand plans be imposed without the consent of the community.”
Historical Context:
The Celebrate People’s History posters are rooted in the do-it-yourself tradition of mass-produced political propaganda. These posters embody democracy, inclusion, and group participation in the writing and interpretation of the past. Unlike most political posters, the posters part of the Celebrate People’s History series tell the stories of the underdogs, those individuals and groups helping to move forward the collective struggle of humanity to create a more just world. For 20 years, over 130 different posters have been displayed on the streets of over a dozen cities representing over 150 artists and writers. The Celebrate People’s History Poster Series has been organized and curated by Josh MacPhee since 1998.