Celebrate People's History: Atenco Aguanta

Melanie Cervantes
GVSU Collection
2 Color Offset Printed Poster
September 2009
Artworks - Height: 17" Width: 11"
A yellow and brown poster with white text, that has people marching filling the entire image. The title is at the top overlaying them, "Atenco Aguanta" and "El Pueblo Se Levanta" . There is a brown strip at the bottom with white text that reads: “San Salvador de Atenco has a long history of resistance to the central government, dating from before Mexico’s Revolution of 1910. In 2001, Atenco villagers, mostly small farmers, organized the Peoples’ Front for Defense of the Land and stopped former President Vincente Fox from grabbing their farmlands for the construction of a new international airport. When they prevailed, a movement was born. “In 2006, this group spearheaded the defense of the flower vendors of nearby Texcoco, who were forcibly removed by police from the streets in order to prepare for the coming of a Wal-Mart store. Wielding their machetes, the people’s resistance became a symbol of popular protest in Mexico. The resisters were targeted by the State and at least 15 prominent flower vendors and leaders of the Peoples’ Front were sentenced to a combined 500 years in maximum security prison. “Members of the Peoples’ Front and other Atenco activists are determined to fight for their people, and their freedom. Support their struggle! For more information: http://atencofpdt.blogspot.com.”
Historical Context:
The Celebrate People’s History posters are rooted in the do-it-yourself tradition of mass-produced political propaganda. These posters embody democracy, inclusion, and group participation in the writing and interpretation of the past. Unlike most political posters, the posters part of the Celebrate People’s History series tell the stories of the underdogs, those individuals and groups helping to move forward the collective struggle of humanity to create a more just world. For 20 years, over 130 different posters have been displayed on the streets of over a dozen cities representing over 150 artists and writers. The Celebrate People’s History Poster Series has been organized and curated by Josh MacPhee since 1998.