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Be Vast- You Do Not Bring an Ocean to a River

Sheryl Budnik
GVSU Collection
Oil on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 48" Width: 55"
Oil on canvas painting of an abstract landscape view. Top half of the painting is light blue with shades of red throughout. Bottom half id a much darker blue, like deep water. The center of the image, in the dark blue, are two white lines that look like an equal sign.
Historical Context:
Sheryl Budnik is constantly influenced by the world around her. Growing up near Lake Michigan, water has always had a major influence of Budnik’s work. Looking at one of her paintings you can almost hear the breaking waves, smell the lake air, and feel the cool breeze. Yet it is remarkable that Budnik achieves this feeling of begin surrounded by water with abstract imagers. Her paintings are intuitive and visceral, you can see the expression of her brush in the strokes on the canvas as if they were waves creating the marks themselves. Though her intention with this painting was to leave the canvas sparse and as non-objective as possible, you can still find the horizon above the water and image the white tips of waves crashing on the lakeshore.