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Blue Beluga

Nuel Friend
GVSU Collection
Polyurethane and Oil Paint on Wood Panel
Artworks - Height: 19" Width: 32" Depth: 1"
Various shades of dark blue throughout a painting on wood panel. Different shades and the right light, create a whale like shape near the center of the image.
Historical Context:
"The painting 'Blue Beluga' is about a documentary I once saw about beluga whales. I found it interesting how this massive animal just moved in the ocean. And although the whale was enormous, it was nothing compared to the size of the ocean in which it swam. The painting itself was completed with just a series of paint pours. On the final pour I let it dry. The next day I saw in that painting the same image I saw that day watching a whale documentary. As an artist, you are always working. Even when you don’t have a brush, camera, pen or instrument in your hand, the creative mind is continually at work. Artists are always gathering little pieces to aid in the search for the image." - Nuel Friend

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oil painting
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