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JHZ; 3rd Floor; Suite 3090; Behind Front Desk

Lions, Tigers and Bears

Nuel Friend
GVSU Collection
Latex Paint, Concrete Trowel Patch and Polyurethane on Wood Panel
Artworks - Height: 48" Width: 96" Depth: 3"
Large abstract painting on wood panel. Left side of the painting has a square shape in red and black with a smoke like brown shape whispering from the top. Right side background is all white with an organic yellow shape.
Historical Context:
"This piece is about a song by Jazmine Sullivan of the same title.In the song she sings about this extreme fear of falling in love. She sings 'I’m not scared of lions and tigers and bears, but I’m scared of loving you.' I didn’t initially think about this song when I began the painting, but as I continued to work it reminded me of the song. I saw these two opposing images. To the right, this almost human atmospheric image reaching out, and to the left, an image that reminded me of a sonogram like image of a teddy bear just floating there in space. The two images seem to be attracted and facing one another, but there is this implied separation that is emphasized. 'Just cause I love you and you love me, that doesn’t mean that we’re meant to be. Fly cross the ocean, sing for the queen, but the most frightening thing is you and me.'' - Nuel Friend