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Daniel and Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health -> Lobby Level (DCIH)
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DCIH; Lobby Level; Across from Room 002

Imposter Syndrome

Nuel Friend
GVSU Collection
Paper, Polyurethane and Oil Paint on Wood Panel
Artworks - Height: 48" Width: 60" Depth: 2"
Large abstract painting on wood panel. Left side of painting has organic shapes near the center, with black, white, tans and browns. The right side of the painting has one organic central shape with various shapes of blue and green with black, and brown.
Historical Context:
"Everything that I read, see, feel and experience influences the outcome of my work. My intent is to create images that are unique and reflect my attraction to those things which inspire, but are often times difficult to explain. Experimenting with different materials has allowed me to create images that take on a life of their own. Pools of paint and polyurethane, and layers of tar and plastic create colors and textures that are simultaneously ugly, shiny, beautiful, strange and infectious. I don’t set out to paint a particular subject. It is most important to me to find my clarity through mark making, color relationships and composition." Nuel Friend

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oil painting
oil paintings
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