Current Location:
Shelf A12 (CS2) -> Box 426
Location Notes:
IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit #2, Section A; Shelf A12; Box 426

C.S. Lewis Images of His World: Interior of a Pub in Oxford, England

Photographic Print on Board
Artworks - Height: 10" Width: 8"
A black and white photo of the inside of a pub, with the bar on the right side of the image and a man standing at the counter wearing a suit jacket and a rounded cap. There are various objects hanging above the bar that dangle down and some on the wall where there is decorative wallpaper above the bar. The woman who stands behind the bar is moving and there are bottles in front of her and glasses behind her. There are two stools in the bottom right side of the image and on the left there is a doorway that leads to another section of the bar, where tables and chairs are visible through the doorway.