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José Guadalupe Posada Print Collection ➔ Descarrilamiento de Tamamatla (The Derailment of Tamamalta)

Restrike Print
Artworks - Height: 9 in Width: 7 in
The title, "Descarrilamiento de Tamamatla" means, "The Derailment of Tamamatla". There is one image in black and white, without borders. It is of people dismantling a train and train station, there is also a crowd watching them.
Historical Context:
This is significant because the train station was a major move allocated to the government and operated under their control.This is a picture of the train that Posada has criticized throughout his career, and there was so much frustration by the public that they pushed it off if the track. Posada claimed it was ineffective and the brought too many soldiers into the city to guard the train stations.