Andalusia Milking Parlor, Milledgeville, Georgia

Photographic Print
Artworks - Height: 11" Width: 7"
A black and white photo of the outside of a milking parlor. There is a gate covering the lower half of the open space and a tree coming in from the left and more plants on the right.
Historical Context:
Douglas Gilbert’s Shadowlands collection was created in 1982 in Milledgeville, Georgia for the purpose of accompanying Harold Fickett’s book, “Flannery O’Connor: Images of Grace”, detailing the life of the American novelist, essayist and short story writer. In 1965, Gilbert had traveled through Georgia and Alabama on an assignment from LOOK magazine to capture elements of the civil rights movement, and this experience influenced his work later while working with Fickett. While he separates his emotion from projecting them onto Flannery O’Connor’s characters, he admits that he was capturing the intensity and menacing climate of the South at the time and interacting with it through his photography.