Intersections: President St. and Hawthorne Blvd., Wheaton, Illinois

Photographic Print
Artworks - Height: 11" Width: 14"
A black and white photo of an intersection. In the center of the image there is a rain garden separating the sides of the street that are on either side. In the rain garden there is a stone wall with a wire rail on top of it. There is a bush next to a fire hydrant and a large pole in the center. Beyond this is a street going horizontally that meets the others. On the other side of that is all trees and plants that are overgrown. There are power lines in the sky.
Historical Context:
In the later years of his photography career, Douglas Gilbert found himself teaching at Wheaton College in Illinois between the years 1972 and 1982. During this time, he was exploring Chicago’s Western suburbs and in 1978 he released a collection of street intersections taken on a 35mm camera. These locations are overall mundane and insignificant, merely being no more than lines on a developers plan, but Gilbert shows contrast of materials and space in black and white to create something original out of ordinary.