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Current Location:
Building C (DEV) -> 1st Floor (DEV; C)
Location Notes:
DEV; Building C;1st Floor; Exterior of atrium above doors / windows.

I'm Sorry

Rhiannan Sibbald
GVSU Collection
Digital Print on Panel
Artworks - Height: 24" Width: 36"
Bright blue words "I'm Sorry" at the center with varying shapes and shades of orange in the background.
Historical Context:
My artwork exists between the worlds of graphic design and illustration. I focus on typography as my subject matter, creating colorful compositions that engage with the letterforms. Utilizing typography as both a compositional and literary asset allows viewers to receive simple messages in bold, unexpected ways. My works often draws influence from exploratory typographers like Gemma O'Brien and Jordan Metcalf, as well as the vibrant, psychedelic worlds of Peter Max and Milton Glaser. In this collection, I am honoring the book, "Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People," by Rich DeVos. Using digital art platforms as my medium, I created ten distinctive compositions for each phrase in the book. These pieces each employ a cause-and-effect approach; the organic shapes and letterforms interact with one another to create a mosaic-like color treatment. This approach is symbolic of Rich's outlook on life, as stated in the book, "My real hope is that these phrases will help you become a positive person, who in turn will help other people improve their outlook on life." Rich and Helen DeVos believed in a power of maintaining a positive attitude and affirming others. In his 2008 book, "Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People," Rich shares the value of using ten simple, yet profound phrases every day to motivate achievement, instill confidence, and encourage hope in the hearts of others. Rich called himself a "life enricher" and invited others to join him. Encourage people in your life using the ten powerful phrases depicted above, around the rotunda, and be a change for good at Grand Valley and in your family, community and beyond.

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works on paper