Current Location:
President's Residence -> Level 13
Location Notes:
President's Residence; Level 13

"K" is for Koi

Alyssa Medina
GVSU Collection
Linocut on Somerset Paper
Artworks - Height: 14" Width: 11"
Note: 14"h x 11"w
Image has two koi fish with "Things must end to begin again" written between them.
Historical Context:
I create because I am uncertain. I create because I am impulsive, indecisive, and idealistic. For years I have attempted to discover, explore, and understand myself not only through my artistic practice, but through the life experiences and journeys that I follow. In "E" is for Elephant, I follow the journey of the alphabet, softly landing and sometimes crashing onto the small discoveries of my path thus far. Each page reminds the viewer of something different; what it means to be happy, how painful it is to allow sadness in, what it's like to love and be loved, and how to deal with loneliness. I combine relief prints of animals and flora, alongside small and delicate hand-written text to draw on the themes of happiness, sadness, love, and loneliness. I based my work on forming connections between the paths and journeys in life that I sometimes blindly follow, and the mountain that is the emotions and feelings that come with those. My work is not only a look into a turning and twisting narrative of self-discovery, doubt, hatred, and love- but a glimpse into the emerging idea of reflection and acknowledgement. I aim for the viewer to reflect on their own journey within each individual page and acknowledge to them, what it means to be. - Alyssa Medina