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Little White Quilt: In Honor of Those Who Have Faced Pregnancy Loss

Linda K. Hall Anderson
Gift of the Artist
Cotton Quilting Fabric
Artworks - Height: 14" Width: 14"
White cloth: Seven different types of white fabric and sewn together in a square, a small heart is in the lower corner.
Historical Context:
The loss of a baby is an unthinkable, unimaginable, tragedy. The unspoken pain of this loss is carried by the families and their care providers indefinitely. Many hospitals provide support to aching hearts through infant bereavement programs. To help ease their pain, Linda K. Hall Anderson creates small quilts for local hospitals. This “Little White Quilt”, or bereavement quilt, would be provided to a family in their grief. “When my daughter became a labor and delivery nurse, she witnessed the heartache of pregnancy loss and grieved right along with the families she served. Some of the losses affected her deeply. She mentioned the infant bereavement program at the hospital where she worked. I am a hobby quilter and asked if I could make something to donate. The result is the Little White Quilt. Some choose to take the quilt with them as a remembrance, others would wrap their child in love as they leave the hospital with empty arms.”- Linda K. Hall Anderson