Current Location:
Cabinet G -> Drawer 09 (G)
Location Notes:
PDC; Cabinet G; Drawer 09

Sir Edmond Tame and Elizabeth Tyringham

Gift of Jane and Wally Ewing
Paper and Heelball
1970 – 1980
Artworks - Height: 47" Width: 30"
Paper and Heelball; Black paper and Gold wax. Rubbing of a husband and his second wife at his left. He has a griffin and a lion on the front of his clothing. With a large decorated helm behind his head. She has two long cords that run down the front of her dress and a large mantel.
Historical Context:
Wax rubbing of the funerary brass of Sir Edmond Tame (d. 1534) and Elizabeth Tyringham. The original brass is located at St Mary’s Church in Gloucestershire, England. The full brass includes his firth wife Agnes who stands on his right. They had four children before her death in 1526. Scholars think that the figures of Edmond and Agnes were carved first after Agnes’ death and that the brass of Elizabeth is a later edition due to the different styles between the two women.